Hi mothers

I am so glad that you have passed by my website. I know when you are searching here, on the Internet, something about your cuties; you must have loved them so much and me, too. Let’s me introduce myself a little bit, in cases you want to know. My name is Sarah, a regular mother of 2 angels: one 2 – year – old boy and 3 – year – old girl.

Even though, up to now, I have given birth for two times, I still keep in mind the moment when I was being a mother for the very first time, very happy but also very confused because at that time, I did not have much experience. Then, I started to search on the Internet and ask many other mothers to earn knowledge and gain experience on my own.

If you are a new mother, I really know how you feel and that is the reason why I set up this website, just to share you my all experience and knowledge to prepare or take care of your babies better.

If you have a question about pregnancy or caring for babies, just feel free to leave your comments or contact individually to me through the information I have supported on my site.