Answers to common cloth diapering questions

I have always been scared of safety pins. In reality, I don’t see how safe, they can be because they are like needles to me. The thought of the so called pins getting to the baby’s skin is just scary. May this is being paranoid, but many people who have not used cloth diapers have had the same thoughts at one time or another. Cloth diapers are the best compared to disposable diapers and there are so many benefits that come with them. Read Best newborn cloth diapers in case you are finding the good one for your newborn. They are economical and by using them you get to say bye to diaper rashes that are caused by the chemicals in disposable diapers.

If you are a first time in cloth diapering then you must be having a lot of questions in your mind that you need answered. Here are some answers to common cloth diapering questions.

How many diapers do I need?

If you are one of those who fear some laundry work, then no worries you are not alone, cloth diapers do not make your laundry as difficult as many put it. You will need to have a good number of cloth diapers since they need to be changed regularly. If you are not going to be doing your laundry on a daily basis, then you certainly will need more cloth diapers.

For smaller babies you may need to have at least 2-3 dozens of cloth diapers and lesser for bigger babies. The number of times you will change your little munchkin will depend on the how absorbent the cloth diapers are and if your baby is a heavy wetter or not.

Cloth diapers

How do I strip cloth diapers?

Stripping is not always necessary when you are doing your diaper washing properly, but with time the diapers may get less absorbent and stinky especially if they are kept for long before cleaning. This is when you need to strip them. It is important to note that you will not need to add detergent to your as this is what you want to get rid of. The kind of water that you use will also determine whether you will add stain remover, vinegar baking soda.

How can I choose the detergents to use on cloth diapers?

This can be a challenging thing to do, especially because of the so many manufacturers that have come up. All of them say their products including detergents are safe for the baby. Cloth diapers do not need to be cleaned using detergent, but if necessary the type of detergent chosen must be a mild one. Some detergents contain perfumes that some babies react to. If your baby develops some rashes on the bum then you will need to change the detergent you are using to a milder one.

detergent for cloth diapers

Can one use cloth diapers at night?

Many people worry about using cloth diapers at night because of their nature. They wet faster and, if not frequently changed your baby may be forced to remain wet for a better part of the night. Newborns need to be changed more frequently may be three times in a night, but for the toddlers what you will need is to invest in doublers which you are then to add behind the diapers this way you are assured of a dry night. We recommend LBB cloth diaper are the best to diaper at night, read LBB cloth diapers reviews for more information!

How do I wash cloth diapers?

If you have made up your mind to go through with cloth diapering then washing diapers is not an exception. It is not a difficult task to do. It is recommended that you wash your diapers every 2-3 days and before the laundry time you will need to keep them safe in a a laundry pale. Ensure that you add some baking soda to the soiled diapers to keep them from stinking. When washing diapers you will need to have one cold wash, hot wash with a little detergent and then a cold and warm rinse and you are done.

How do I prevent diaper rashes?

It is hard to see your little one affected with diaper rashes and this is why you need to prevent it from starting in the first place. Prevention as they say is better than cure. The first sure way to prevent diaper rashes is to ensure that you change your baby as soon as they get wet. It is also important that you use alcohol free wipes and endure that you dry the baby’s skin before putting the diaper on.

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