How to wash your baby’s hair

Even though all babies are friends with water (click here for the best hair clippers) and they love playing in it, most of them don’t like their hair being wet with the same water. This means that you will have two battles with your baby where you will fight in order to stop them from playing in it and also you will fight them trying to get the same water into their hair.

But washing the hair of your baby does not need to be a battle given that it is a mandatory hygiene procedure that needs to be done. The process can be done in a very friendly manner that will make your baby always appreciate those cleaning moments.The reasons behind this resistance from toddlers vary depending in the experiences that the baby has had before. Some of the reasons behind this are: a natural fear of water that the baby may be having; a tendency towards personal independence; if the baby is sitting in the bathtub in a manner that is not comfortable and; if the baby has experienced had some shampoo or soap spill into its mouth or eyes.

It is due to the above that this article seeks to share with you some of the best tips that will help you perform this vital hygienic routine.

Reduce the frequency of washing

One of the best ways of reducing unnecessary kicks during hair washing and cleaning sessions with your baby is simply reducing the frequency of doing it. This is because you don’t need to keep washing the hair of your baby every day. This is because the baby’s hair does not get dirty as often as their body does and hence you can schedule it to be something that can be done once every week. Depending on the age of your baby, you can be communicating to them to let them know that you will be washing their hair that particular day as you bathe them.

If you have a girl, use dollies

If you are having issues with your baby girl, you can get her best cooperation by using a dolly. You can get the baby to carry her favorite toy into the bathtub so that she can start washing the dolly’s hair. As she will be doing this, you can take advantage of that and wash her own hair too and then ask her how she likes her “baby’s” clean hair. If she says(and definitely she will be proud of it) that she likes it, then you can use that as a way to encourage her by telling her that you also like her own hair to look even better and that is why you like to wash her.

Have a joint session

Kids are very good at learning through example and you can use this strategy to get your baby love hair washing sessions. You can stage a joint session whereby you wash your hair with your baby. First, you will allow the baby play with your head and wash you and let the girl get satisfied that she has made mama really clean. After you have gotten her into “the box”, you can now easily tell her that you really appreciate and you would like to reciprocate and wash her own hair too. You can be sure that the girl will find it very difficult resisting the offer!

Use other distractions

Another tool that you can use to get a smooth hair washing session is by distracting the kid. Just as it is with shaving, you can use all manner of relevant games and songs to keep the baby distracted as you finish up with their head.

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